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Changing our group structure

We have been consulting with customers throughout 2016 and early 2017 about proposed changes to how our group is governed.

Circle Housing originally had nine different housing associations, each with their own board. We are currently in the process of moving to one single housing association.

This will ensure:

  • a consistent service across the group
  • a stronger local focus
  • faster decision making.

Ultimately this will mean that we can deliver a better, more efficient service that will meet local needs. We have been doing this in stages, and formally consulting with the customers of each Registered Provider (RP) at each stage.

Join Circle Voice

You can share your feedback on our services, complete quick online polls and get invited to join our regular discussion forums to share views with other customers.

We have a lot of changes going on at Circle Housing, this is a great way to have your say on our plans.