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Accessibility on this website

This website has been built to W3C WCAG WAI AA standard, where Circle Housing can control accessibility, which means that third party products may not meet the standard.

We use a few plugins which we cannot guarantee comply, such as Coveo search, Google Translate, Housecall repairs diagnosis tool, and our job application tracking system, though we have tested them to ensure they do allow easy navigation.

Circle Housing’s policy is to make digital services available, as broadly and diversely as possible, to all our customers. If you feel that an aspect of this site could be improved, or is obstructive to accessibility, we want to know and we’ll try and improve it.


We have installed browsealoud on our desktop / laptop site only, as during tests we found it less user-friendly on mobile phones and tablets. If you have any suggestions about the best way to make our responsive website more accessible on mobile phones or tablets, please let us know here.

Changing your browser settings

You’ll find your accessibility settings under different headings in different browsers, but all of them will be in the top right hand side menu of the browser.

Google Chrome

You can zoom the magnification of the site in the settings (you’ll find these in the right hand “hamburger” shaped menu of your browser), or if you want to look at all settings, click ‘settings’ in the menu, and then click ‘advanced’ to reveal accessibility features. Here you can increase the text size of the browser, and it will stay at that size across all sites until you change it again.

Microsoft Internet Explorer / Edge

For Internet Explorer, in the top right of the browser you’ll find a ‘cog-shaped’ settings button, which gives you the option to zoom in on the site (most modern sites are responsive, so will fit all the elements into the new magnification), or select ‘internet options’ from the menu, where you can change fonts, use your own stylesheet, change colours, etc.

If you are on Windows 10, the default browser is set to Microsoft Edge, which is not particularly accessible for users with assistive technology. At the moment, Microsoft recommends if you are an assistive technology user, you set your default browser to Internet Explorer for a better experience.

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For Mac users, Select the Safari menu, and then select Preferences. Select Appearance, which is the second option on the right.  Under Standard font, select the Select button. Choose your desired font type, size and colour. Click OK on the Preferences screen.

Apple has a guide to how you can make your Mac more accessible, with a variety of services like VoiceOver.

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Mozilla Firefox


You can change the magnification of a site by selecting the hamburger menu (top right) and then clicking the - 100% +

Page Zoom

You can zoom in and out of web pages including images with the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Press Ctrl  +   to display the web page one size larger.
  • Press Ctrl  +   to display the web page one size smaller.
  • Press Ctrl  +   (zero) to display the web page at its normal size.

For other ways to zoom in and out a web page, see Font size and zoom - increase the size of web pages.

Text Zoom

You can choose to change the text size only using the Text Zoom feature:

  1. Press the Alt key to temporarily bring up the traditional Firefox menus. At the top of the Firefox window, click the View menu, then go to Zoom.
  2. Select Zoom Text Only, which will make the controls only apply to text, not images.

The following keyboard shortcuts control text size when Text Zoom is selected:

  • Press Ctrl  to increase the text size.
  • Press Ctrl  to decrease the text size.
  • Press Ctrl  (zero) to reset the text size to the web page's default size.

Note that some web pages may display incorrectly if you increase or decrease the text size.

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Circle Housing uses Google Translate on the website as part of our aim to communicate as clearly and widely as possible with our customers. Google Translate does not provide perfect translations, and there will be many inaccuracies, but the translations do improve over time, as the tool is used more frequently.

It’s a free service. If you choose to translate a page by clicking in a language from the dropdown list above, most if not all of the page will be translated into your chosen language. Please use these translations cautiously, especially if they are regarding fixtures and fittings in your home, or regarding Circle Housing policies. They should not be acted upon in any way that may endanger life or cause harm to others, or in any way that may be deemed irresponsible.

Circle Housing bears no responsibility for the content of any translation provided by Google Translate. Circle Housing may not be held responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate translations, or damage or issues arising from them.

Mobile devices

As there is no universal standard that websites can use for accessibility on mobile, we’ve attempted to apply a common sense approach to how the site works on mobile. Depending on your brand of phone and its operating system, you will find a native text-to-speech function (some are better than others) in your accessibility settings.

You don’t have to make do with this default application though. There are plenty of free text-to-speech applications or ‘apps’ in the store for your operator (Google Play Store, Windows Store, or Apple App Store).