Training events

Please browse below to find out what training events are on offer from Circle Housing Roddons. Our training courses are open to all Circle Housing Roddons residents covering a variety of subjects. If there is any training that you would like to see us offer which isn't on the training sheet, let us know.

Details of 2013 training

Training List For 2013 14 (442 KB)

Details from Resident Energy Champion training held at Circle Housing Roddons on 26 March 2013.

Resident Energy Champion Role Description 


Circle Housing has recently agreed to a new Energy Saving and Warm Homes Strategy. One of the key areas of action for the Strategy is to support customers by providing clear information about energy efficiency which will help them save money and get the best from their homes. To enable delivery of this key area Circle Housing will utilise the valuable support of the Resident Energy Champions. You will need to be in a position to discuss energy saving with other residents, and to attend meetings and training sessions.

Key Responsibilities of the Resident Energy Champions*
  • Champion energy saving and staying warm amongst residents that live in the area you are based.
  • Spend a minimum of 5 hours a month speaking to residents in your area about energy saving and warm (this will be with the help and support of the RP Resident Involvement Officer). 
  • Alert your RP to any customers who they think are vulnerable to the cold and have needs that require support by Circle Housing staff. 
  • Attend two training events each year and the annual Resident Energy Champion meeting. 
  • When asked, provide information returns that will cover as a minimum how many people you have spoken to about saving energy. 
  • Provide feedback on what is working well and what needs improving, frequently asked questions and energy topics that residents are most interested in.

Outside of Scope

  • The Resident Energy Champion will not be expected to analyse any information they provide. 
  • The Resident Energy Champion will not be expected to answer difficult questions or help customers who are vulnerable; this will be the role of the RP Resident Involvement Officer.
Support Provided by Circle Housing to Resident Energy Champions
  • No previous experience is needed as Circle Housing will provide all participants with training so they can contribute to the work of the group effectively. An interest in the subject would be an advantage. 
  • There will be at least 2 training sessions each year; depending on topic these may be online or with a trainer. They will be set up so you can access the training, for example if it is online we will provide access to a computer. 
  • Reasonable out of pocket expenses, including travel and reasonable childcare will be reimbursed to participants.
  • Local Resident Involvement Officers will work with the Resident Energy Champions to support their engagement with local communities. They will also assess any potential safety issues. 
  • Circle Housing is hoping to provide residents with accreditation for all training attended.

Circle Housing Energy Champion Recruitment Leaflet (313 KB)