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About Clarion Housing Group

Affinity Sutton and Circle Housing Group have merged to become Clarion Housing Group, with plans to build 50,000 new homes in the next 10 years.

Clarion Housing Group will be the largest housing association in the country and one of the largest house-builders in Britain. It will more than double the supply of new homes that the two former organisations could build - without relying on any government subsidy. The Group will prioritise affordable housing with around two-thirds of its programme for affordable rent and low cost home ownership, helping to tackle the housing crisis head on.

Clarion Housing Group will place a strong focus on providing locally responsive, reliable services to residents and remains committed to investing in its communities. It will invest £150 million over the next ten years in programmes to improve lives, delivering the biggest social investment programme in the sector.

A regional structure will ensure the Group continues to play a key role in local decision making and maintains close working relationships with communities. It will also be investing in easy-to-use services accessible from residents’ homes as well as increasing support for those who need it most.

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  • Why have we merged?
  • Changing how we are governed
  • Join Circle Voice

Why have we merged?

Circle Housing have merged with Affinity Sutton to form Clarion Housing Group. We believe that joining forces will allow us to deliver better services to you - our customers, invest more in our communities and build many more much needed homes. By creating a stronger and more efficient organisation we believe that this merger will allow us to achieve more for you over the coming years.

Changing how we are governed

Circle Housing is proposing that we move from our nine Registered Providers (RPs) to one single housing association. This will ensure:

  • a consistent service across the group
  • a stronger local focus
  • faster decision making.

Ultimately this will mean that we can deliver a better, more efficient service that will meet local needs. We will be doing this in stages, and will formally consult with the customers of each Registered Provider as this happens.

Join Circle Voice

You can share your feedback on our services, complete quick online polls and get invited to join our regular discussion forums to share views with other customers.

We have a lot of changes going on at Circle Housing, this is a great way to have your say on our plans.  

Plus those signing up before the 30th of April 2017 will be entered into a monthly prize draw for a chance to win £50 Love2shop vouchers.