Mutual Exchange

What is mutual exchange?
Mutual Exchange provides Local Authority and Housing Associations tenants with an alternative way of finding a new home. You advertise your property, and then search for properties that meet the needs you require. If you agree a potential swap, you then apply directly to Circle Housing Roddons who will authorise the mutual exchange.

How do I apply?
There are two schemes available where you can register for mutual exchange;

In addition to choice based lettings, ‘Home-Link’ also provides a free mutual exchange scheme.

To register visit the mutual exchange link at Once you have registered, your home will be advertised for other tenants to see. You can say what property you are looking for and search for possible matches.

Download a registration form (69 KB)

If you have found someone to exchange with,

download a request form (51 KB).

House Exchange
All of the partner housing associations in Circle Anglia subscribe to House Exchange, which is a website designed to help people who want to swap their homes. There are people on there from lots of different housing associations and councils across the country. You can register for this service at

Before applying, please check you meet the following eligibility criteria for mutual exchange:

  • Starter tenants do not have the right to exchange for the first 12 months of their tenancy.
  • If there is a possession order on your property, or proceedings have begun for possession, you will not be allowed to exchange your property.
  • If one of the properties being exchanged is not suitable for you or the person you are swapping with, for example because of size, accessibility, or support arrangements, your request might be refused.Your property will be inspected before you move out, and any serious damage will have to be paid for or repaired.
  • If you are in rent arrears we will ask you to pay what you owe before you move.

If you are unsure if you meet the criteria for mutual exchange please contact Circle Housing Roddons on 0300 333 6557 or 0800 111 6447.