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Protecting your data

We collect information about our residents so that we can provide great services to you. We work in diverse communities, with people from a wide range of backgrounds and with different needs. Collecting information helps us to understand these differences and tailor our services so that they suit individual needs.

For example, we ask for the names of people living in your home so that we can check that the rightful tenant is living there. We keep records of partially sighted residents so that we can provide information in large print or in Braille.

We take care to make sure that your information is collected, stored and handled confidentially, responsibly and according to legal requirements.

We will:

  • Tell you why we need information and how we will use it
  • Collect only as much as we need to provide our services
  • Take steps to ensure it is accurate and up to date
  • Make sure we don’t keep it longer than necessary
  • Keep it secure and confidential so that nobody can access it who shouldn’t.