Lettings & Allocations

Renting a Wherry Home

How to be considered for a Circle Housing Wherry home.

This information relates to ‘general needs’ homes; that is, homes available to anyone who is eligible to be on a council’s housing register. Circle Housing Wherry also has sheltered housing in the Broadland and South Norfolk council areas. This is for elderly and frail elderly people. To find out more click here.

Circle Housing Wherry does not hold its own waiting list. Instead our homes are allocated to customers who have registered on the local council’s housing register in the areas where our homes are.

Therefore, whether you want to be considered for a Circle Housing Wherry home for the first time or are already a tenant of Circle Housing Wherry but would like to transfer, you will need to register with the local council that covers the area where you would like to live.

We have homes in the following areas. Please click on each link to find out how to register with each council.


Breckland District Council
Broadland District Council
Gt Yarmouth Borough Council
Norwich City Council
North Norfolk District Council
South Norfolk District Council
Kings' Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council


Cambridge City Council
East Cambridgeshire District Council
Fenland District Council
Huntingdonshire District Council

Peterborough City Council
South Cambridgeshire District Council


Forest Heath District Council
Ipswich Borough Council
Mid Suffolk District Council
Suffolk Coastal District Council


South Kesteven District Council

Useful information for new tenants

If you are thinking of taking on your first tenancy you may find our guide Renting your home from Circle Housing Wherry (2.4 MB) useful.

More detailed information on holding a tenancy with Circle Housing Wherry can be found in our Tenant Handbook

Help for existing tenants wanting to move

If you are already a Circle Housing Wherry tenant and want to move you can either transfer or exchange.

A transfer is when you move to another vacant Circle Housing Wherry home or one owned by another housing association or a local council. Usual reasons for wishing to transfer are to move to a larger or smaller home or to be nearer a place of work or other family members.

Tenants wanting to transfer will need to register with their local council (as explained above)

Tenants who have a secure or assured tenancy with a council or housing association can apply to swap homes with each other. This is called a mutual exchange. A mutual exchange can be a good option for tenants who want to move to a new place, but have low priority on a housing register and are, therefore, likely to face a long wait for a transfer.

Circle Housing Wherry tenants may register on House Exchange to help them find an exchange partner. To find out more general information about mutual exchanges please click here.

Ending your Tenancy

If you wish to end your tenancy with us you will need to give us at least four weeks notice in writing. For full information see section 5 of the moving home guide (below).

It's important for Circle Housing Wherry to re-let it's homes quickly after a tenancy comes to an end. To help us achieve this we offer an incentive to residents that give notice called Gain as you go.

For more information please click here (2.1 MB).

Our Lettings Policy

To read Circle Housing Wherry's lettings policy for it's general needs homes, please click here (129 KB)

Help for Existing Tenants Wanting to Downsize

Under-occupation Incentive Scheme

Circle Housing Wherry residents who live in a home that is larger than they need may be able to get help to move to a smaller home. We offer two schemes to help customers to downsize.

Room to Move

We offer an incentive to our residents who will be giving up two or more bedrooms. We offer this incentive as we want to be able to free up as many family homes as possible to give to families that need them and especially help people living in larger homes that they find difficult to manage or afford.

We will help up to five households per year in this way. If you qualify we can offer you practical help in arranging to move or financial help to assist with the costs of moving or a mixture of practical and financial help.

To find out more click here.


If you have been affected by the housing benefit reductions or need to move to a smaller home for another financial reason we can help even where you are giving up one bedroom. We can help with.... 

  • the cost of removals and reconnections of the cooker (up to a maximum of £400)

  • money and budgeting advice

  • making claims for benefits

  • setting up bills for your new home

To find out more click here.

Moving Home Guide

More information on how to move is included in our Moving Home Guide.


Circle Housing Wherry has a number of garages in the Broadland district, available for rent. We hold a waiting list for these. If you are interested in joining our list contact us and ask for Jonathan Brighton.

At the moment we have nobody registered for garages in the following areas:

Glebe Close, Drayton

The weekly charges for our garages are:

Tenant £8.22

Non-Tenant £9.86

If you are interested please read our terms and conditions (7 KB) and contact us.

Applicants on our waiting list will be considered for a garage vacancy in the following order:

  • Current tenants of a Circle Housing Wherry General Needs homes or members of their household

followed by,

  • Applicants who are not tenants

Within each category, applicants will be considered in date order of application beginning with the applicant who has been registered the longest.

(To confirm, this means that a tenant, regardless of how long they have been our waiting list will always be considered for an offer before a non tenant.)