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Estate Services

If you live in an estate, block of flats or maisonette with lifts and other communal areas, we may provide you with gardening and cleaning services for those areas.

We may look after your neighbourhood by providing a caretaking service, cleaning and maintaining lifts and shared areas, maintaining security and safety measures or deal with emergencies.

Maintaining the grounds

We may be responsible for maintaining the grounds around your home. This maintenance work requires us to:

  • Maintain and cut the grass (weather permitting)
  • Maintain shrub beds and rose beds once a year
  • Apply weed spray
  • Inspect play areas with a 24 hour response for emergency repairs

Cleaning your estate

We may clean the following areas on your estate:

  • Roads
  • Pavements
  • Grassed areas
  • Hard play areas
  • Alleyways